AGRICOLA <span><span>AGRICOLA (p-ISSN :2088-1673, e-ISSN: 2354-7731) </span></span>diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Musamus (UNMUS) Merauke dua kali setahun (Maret dan September). M<span>enerima naskah hasil penelitian, kajian analitis kritis atau kajian kepustakaan di bidang Pertanian Terpadu</span> en-US (Dirwan muchlis) (Fransiskus Xaverius Manggau) Sat, 28 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0700 OJS 60 UJI TEKNOLOGI BUDIDAYA TANAMAN PANGAN ORGANIK PADA KOMODITI PADI, JAGUNG DAN UBI KAYU DI DUA KAMPUNG LOKAL KABUPATEN MERAUKE <p align="justify">Organic farming systems using organic fertilizer to improve soil cekram of water needed for growth and crop production. The research objective to be achieved in this research is testing the technology cultivation of food crops from climate change impacts. Research conducted in 2015 by using the experimental method using a treated field, namely the dosing of animal organic fertilizer (0 tonnes / ha, 5 ton / ha and 10 ton / ha) in the cultivation of food crops rice plants Inpago Unsoed 1, Corn Pulut Uri and Plants Cassava conducted in Muting Village Muting District and Bupul Village Elikobel using a randomized block design. Research data analysis by using analysis statiktic tabulation and descriptive analysis using 95% confidence level. Variable field observations of variable growth and yield of rice Inpago Unsoed 1, uri sticky corn and cassava. The research concludes that the cultivation techniques by using a treatment dose of organic fertilizer on cassava, rice Inpago Unsoed 1, and cassava simultaneously significantly affect growth and crop production. Treatment dose 0 tonnes/ha lower production compared to production plants that use a higher dose is 5 tonnes/ha and 10 tonnes/ha. Maize production Pulut Uri Muting in Village each of 2.46 tonnes / ha (0 tonnes/ha), 4.36 tonnes / ha (5 tonnes/ha), and 5.8 tonnes/ha (10 tonnes/ha). Corn production in Bupul Village lower, respectively 0,8 tonnes / ha (0 tonnes/ha), 2,12 tonnes/ha (5 tonnes/ ha), and 2,49 tonnes/ha (10 tonness/ha) , whereas the effect of the use of organic fertilizer on rice growth Inpago Unsoed 1 concluded that the higher the dose of fertilizer given a positive influence on the average plant height in Muting village is 45,07 cm (10 tonnes / ha), 44,33 cm (5 tonnes/ ha), 34,43 cm (0 tonnes/ha), while the average growth in Bupul village is as follows 31,08 cm (10 tonnes/ha), 30,89 cm (5 tonnes/ha), 23,52 cm ( 0 tonnes/ha).</p> Untari Untari, Maria M.D Widiastuti, Musrifah Musrifah ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISIS DAERAH PENANGKAPAN UDANG PENAEID BERDASARKAN FAKTOR FISIKA, KIMIA DAN BIOLOGI DI PERAIRAN PANTAI PAYUM – LAMPU SATU KABUPATEN MERAUKE PAPUA <p class="pre" align="justify">The aims of these research were to 1). Analyzed the influence of oceanographic factors such as physics, chemistry and biology of the existence of penaeid shrimp in the Payum coastal waters until Lampu Satu. 2). Determined fishing ground of penaeid shrimp at The Coastal Waters Payum-Lampu Satu; which the basis for shrimp fishing coastal communities. The data were took directly through measuring the oceanography parameters such as temperature, tidal range, water transparency, salinity, pH and abundance of phytoplankton. While the data obtained by weighing the catch of penaeid shrimp catches in every trip. To analized the data regression models were used to determine the influence of oceanographic factors on catches. The results showed that the temperature and water transparency affected the Penaeid  shrimp catch while the potential fishing areas in the region of the coordinates 8<sup>0</sup> 33’ 17.61“ S – 8<sup>0</sup>  34.’ 2“ S dan  140<sup>0 </sup>25’ .95’ E– 140<sup>0</sup> 25’ 44”E . The total catches around 50 to 69.9 kg.</p> Bonny Lantang, Sendy Lely Merly ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISA POTENSI KETERSEDIAAN AIR UNTUK PEMBUATAN EMBUNG DI KAMPUNG KWEEL DISTRIK ELIKOBEL KABUPATEN MERAUKE <p align="justify">Water is the most important natural resource for living creatures especially human. Human needs water in every aspect of his life, for agriculture, farming, industrial even for daily uses. Availability of water resource often becomes the limitation factor, so it needs the right management for human’s life continuity. The research aimed to analized the potential of water availability for recommendation to the local government, so they can build the right reservoir for water. The research used NRECA method and the result shows that the water potential in Kweel Village is approximately 49,904.86 m<sup>3</sup>.</p> Yosehi Mekiuw ##submission.copyrightStatement## PERTUMBUHAN IKAN KURO (Eleutheronema tetradactylum Shaw, 1804) DI MUARA SUNGAI KUMBE KABUPATEN MERAUKE <p>Aimed of this research is to know the growth of Kuro (<em>Eleutheronema tetradactylum </em>Shaw, 1804) at Estuarine of Kumbe River, Merauke District. This research was conducted around three months start from June until August 2016. The methodology used in this research are survey and there are several parameters had measured such as measurement of body lenght, body weight and environmental factors of Kuro fish. Number of fish had found through the research is 357 and all of them are male with the body lenght around 234-225 mm and body weight 17 – 243 gr. Growth pattern of Kuro at estaurine of Kumbe River in Merauke District was allometric positive, which means gained of body weight more faster than the body lenght. Condition factors of Kuro are varied along the research and relatively small, it caused by fish were success collected mostly had small size and in growing stage of their life cycle.</p> Anna K. Gebze, Irianis L. Latupeirissa ##submission.copyrightStatement## HUBUNGAN PANJANG BOBOT DAN FAKTOR KONDISI IKAN BELANAK (Mugil dussumieri) DI MUARA SUNGAI KUMBE KABUPATEN MERAUKE <p align="justify">The mullet (<em>Mugil dussumeiri</em>) is one of the fish species in the estuary of the Kumbe River. The fish is used as consumption fish directly and processed into salted fish. The airms of this research is estimated the pattern and condition factors of <em>Mugil dussumeiri</em> in the estuary River Kumbe, Merauke regency. Determination of sampling location using purposive sampling method. The study was conducted from February to July 2016. The result shows that the relation of long weight of male mules W = 0.0001L2,47 and female W = 0,0002L2,43. The growth patterns of male and female <em>Mugil dussumeiri</em> due to allometric positive. The mean condition factor value in male is 1.45 and female is 0.89.</p> Sunarni Sunarni ##submission.copyrightStatement## STUDI AKTIVITAS NELAYAN KETURUNAN BUGIS-MAKASSAR WILAYAH PESISIR LAMPU SATU DI KOTA MERAUKE <p align="justify">Fishing potensial in Merauke region increased by the number of household due to fishing dan trade activities as many as 2.040 trade fishing household (Rumah Tangga Usaha Penangkapan Ikan/ RTUPI) on sea water and 2.705 RTUPI on general aquatic area. Fishing activites of Bugis – Makassar fisherman is affected by season. Best season for fishing is on May until July. They were satisfied by the outcome of fishing in Merauke region which is showed in level of satifcation on this research.</p> Rosa Delima Pangaribuan, Imelda Carolina La Ode ##submission.copyrightStatement## KEPADATAN DAN KEANEKARAGAMAN JENIS GASTROPODA SAAT MUSIM TIMUR DI EKOSISTEM MANGROVE, PANTAI KEMBAPI, MERAUKE <p align="justify">This study aims to determine the density, diversity and dominance types of gastropods in mangrove areas in Kembapi Beach also the associations with physical-chemical waters parameters. The sampling method using a fixed transect lines combined with 1x1 quadrant m². Analysis data using gastropod species density index, Shannon-Wiener diversity index, Margalef species richness index and Simpson dominance index. This research founds that the gastropods consist of two sub-classes, 4 orders, 5 families, 6 genera and 9 species. The highest percentage is <em>Nerita albicilla</em> (19%) and <em>Terebralia palustris</em> (17%). The highest species density obtained from <em>Nerita albacilla</em> 26.6 ind / m<sup>2</sup> and the lowest of <em>Nerita lineata</em> of 1.4 ind / m<sup>2</sup>. Gastropod species diversity index of 2.03. Species richness index value of 0,967. Gastropod species dominance value of 0.14. The second value of this index shows the diversity in the medium category and condition stable community mindless and no species gastropods dominate.</p> Modesta Ranny Maturbongs, Novel Novie Ruata, Sisca Elviana ##submission.copyrightStatement##