Blower Modification to Increase Bran Removal on Rice Polisher

  • Ganda Guna Ngumbara Universitas Musamus
  • Andriyono Andriyono Universitas Musamus
  • Yosefina Mangera Universitas Musamus
Keywords: modification; blower; bran; rice polisher


The purpose of this research is to design the auxiliary blower that can be used to overcome the
blockage on the bran expenditure correct and to know the speed of the blower. The method of this
research consisted of the first step (literature study, proposal masking, equipment and material supply
and design the auxiliary blower tool), the second stage is the making of bran blower auxiliary tool, and
third step is the test (measuring wind speed in the blower using anemometer, comparing the level of
cleanliness of rice from rice bran, and recapitulation of tool making). The results obtained in the field
conditions 3.5-inch pulley of 16.6 m/s has a moderate wind speed so that groats are not much wasted.
The percentage of whole rice after using the blower on the second observation that is using the 2.5-
inch pulley of 98.12%, the third using 3.5-inch pulleys of 97.56%, the fourth using 4.5-inch pulleys of
95.70% and treatment before using blower 89.59%. Based on the recapitulation of the tool making, the
total cost of making the tool are Rp.2.505.500.


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