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Keywords: buah merah, selai, ekstraksi


The Pandanus conoideus Lamk. as a source of oil . The ekstrack get from Pandanus conoideus Lamk. oil. Although the function of pasta in estract still not maximum. Function of pasta still limited and usually use for animal food and sometimes we didn’t use anymore pasta ekstrack oil still contain oil so it is gessing contain beta –karoten and have a smooth texture and it is important to make jam.The poupouse from this research is experimentation method. This research consists of one way to formulate the jam. The arrangement using complete random,consist of this research, we can conclude that jam formulation.From the result of this research ,we can conclude that jam formulation pandanus conoideus lank wich the writer prefers is F4 that contain of composition pasta 41,03 %, sugar 37,30 % (pasta ,sugar;55% :45 % gelatin 0,10 % sitrate acid 0,10 % essence cocopandan 0,2 % and water 25% with the range of the colours score 3,9 (netral-like). Gelatin as stabiliter for the best jam from pandanus conoideuslank and lowerstabilizer because the ability gel form and thigten water during heating compare with pectin.
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