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MDJ is published twice a year (April and October) and is available in electronic and printed versions. Hence, we welcome submission papers in English or Indonesian language.</p> Musamus University en-US Musamus Devotion Journal 2621-7848 PENDAMPINGAN KESADARAN BERBANGSA DAN BERNEGARA DALAM MENINGKATKAN JIWA NASIONALISME MASYARAKAT KAMPUNG YANGGANDUR <p><em>Yanggandur Village is a village directly adjacent to the country of Papua New Guinea, where most of the Kanum people in the village practice mixed marriages with the Kanum people who are in the country of Papua New Guinea. Judging from the culture and perspective of society which is still very limited, one step taken by the government is to strengthen education and understanding in shaping the community to become Indonesian citizens who have a national outlook and have a spirit of nationalism and love for Indonesia's homeland so that it is not easily infiltrated by other views. which can break the defense of the unity and integrity of the Indonesian state. This study aims to find out strategies about understanding the life of a good nation and state. Data collection techniques are observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of the study show that the assistance for understanding the life of the nation and state in Yanggandur Village has not run optimally. In understanding the change in mindset, society is still conservative and very passive with the situations that occur in the surrounding environment. Then fostering the spirit of nationalism, coaching needs to be improved in a sustainable manner in order to increase the spirit of nationalism, so as to form the mindset of the Indonesian people who have the spirit of Pancasila</em></p> Hesty Tambajong Jeni Paresa Fransin Kontu Rachmat Agung Puank Parukka Hubertus Oja ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-05-17 2023-05-17 5 1 1 8 10.35724/mdj.v5i1.5151 PELATIHAN MS OFFICE SEBAGAI PENUNJANG KEGIATAN ADMINISTRASI APARAT KAMPUNG ONGGARI DISTRIK MALIND <p><em>The use of information technology, especially computer programs, is nowadays very beneficial to work efficiency. A person's ability to use MS Office programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint will speed up the village's tools to accomplish tasks by Specifically related to administration with more and more village tools controlling these applications so that they have more time needed because they can do it on their own and without the help of other parties. Once simple documentation was created, this training was aimed at Onggari village officials in Malind County with the aim of enabling village officials to develop their abilities or skills by proficiently using computer programs and making the most of them. To carry out activities related to information management in the Onggari Village District.&nbsp; </em></p> Agus Prayitno Syaiful Nugraha ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-05-17 2023-05-17 5 1 9 16 10.35724/mdj.v5i1.5023 PENINGKATAN EKONOMI KELOMPOK TANI “RUKUN TANI” KAMPUNG MARGA MULYA MELALUI PEMBUATAN PAKAN TERNAK SAPI MENGGUNAKAN CHOPPER <p><em>Making Cattle Feed Using a Chopper is a community service activity in a community partnership program that aims to assist breeders in making efficient cattle feed. Farmers are given assistance on how to make animal feed using a chopper with grass ingredients that are usually given to cattle. Making feed using a chopper can combine other feed ingredients into one such as grass, banana stems, corncobs, and others. With this feed, it is hoped that the cattle will fatten up faster, which of course will affect sales so that it can directly improve the farmer's economy. The implementation of this program will go through several stages including activity socialization, technology preparation, technology workshops, technology implementation, evaluation, publication, and final reporting.</em></p> Aldisa Arifudin Leonora Puspa ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-05-17 2023-05-17 5 1 17 22 10.35724/mdj.v5i1.5017 SOSIALISASI MANAJEMEN WIRAUSAHA BAGI PEMUDA KAMPUNG KEMANGI DALAM MEMPERTAHANKAN UMKM BATU BATA KAMPUNG KAMANGI DISTRIK TANAH MIRING <p><em>UMKM in Kampung Kamangi face the problem of a lack of good entrepreneurial management skills. This has an impact on the low ability to produce, market and manage business finances. The problem is further complicated due to limited knowledge of access to capital, which has resulted in MSME actors borrowing business capital from brick collectors, which has an impact on controlling selling prices below market prices. This service activity aims to carry out an entrepreneurial management socialization activity, with lecture and discussion methods. The benefits achieved are an increase in understanding related to good entrepreneurial management and creating strong entrepreneurs, so that it can have an impact on the economy of the Kamangi village community.</em></p> Florentina Blandina Parapaga Maria Kaok ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-05-20 2023-05-20 5 1 23 30 10.35724/mdj.v5i1.5018 BINA KAMPUNG MANDIRI PROGRAM SADAR KESEHATAN MASYARAKAT DAN SADAR HUKUM WARGA KAMPUNG BUTI <p><em>The people of Buti village, who are in the Samkai palace, are one of the people living around the Musamus University campus. The existence of a community that is dominated by residents who make a living as fishermen because the area around the residence is in the area around the coast. The majority of the population, who are Indigenous Papuans, prioritize tolerance and togetherness. During the Covid 19 pandemic, which was felt by everyone, residents in Kampung Buti needed information that was valid and could touch every level of society. The focus of this service is in the health and legal fields. The method of this service activity is in the form of counseling, mentoring and application. The implementation of this activity increases the knowledge and skills of the community in creating independent campers who understand and know the health sector and are aware of the rule of law in society. The partners involved are members of the Kampung Buti community. The implementation of community service activities is carried out by complying with health protocols. The result of this activity is the creation of an independent village in which the community understands and is skilled in two fields, namely the health sector, especially implementing health protocols and increasing knowledge in law. As for each improvement from the two fields, the Partner community can feel it in the form of awareness in maintaining personal health, maintaining environmental health and obeying not violating applicable laws</em></p> Adi Sumarsono Mulyadi A. Tajuddin Dina Fitri Septarini ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-05-30 2023-05-30 5 1 31 39 10.35724/mdj.v5i1.5235