Author Guidelines

  • All manuscripts should be sent to editor Musamus Journal of Public administration through online Submission at this address
  • Musamus Journal of Public Administration received scientific articles on the results of research, review of research results, methodologies or new approaches to social sciences and public Administration.
  • Only articles that have not been published or will not be published in other media will be accepted.
  • The manuscript is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English. Indonesian writers can submit manuscripts in English. After the review process, the editor will facilitate translation of the manuscript into Indonesian language.
  • Abstract should be short but informative, consisting of 150 to 250 words and accompanied by 2 to 5 keywords to make indexing goals.
  • The manuscript must be written in Microsoft Word using a single line spacing in A4 format.
  • The title of the manuscript should be short and informative, consisting of 12 words maximum.
  • The names of authors should be written in full accompanied by the name of the agency or institution and address of the author(s).
  • The manuscript of a research result should be written in a systematical order consisting of: title, the name of the author(s), abstract accompanied with keywords, introduction (with no subtitle, informing the background, literature review, and problem statement or the objective of the research),  methods, result, discussion (conclusion and recommendation should be put at the end of discussion), references.