The Musamus Journal of Physical Education and Sport (MJPES) strives to offer a platform for academicians, researchers, and practitioners to publish their original research articles or review articles. We are committed to advancing the field of physical education and sport through the dissemination of high-quality research. Our journal aims to foster a culture of scholarship, critical inquiry, and intellectual exchange among scholars in the field. We welcome submissions from researchers and scholars who are committed to advancing the understanding of physical education and sport. Our editorial team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and rigor in our peer-review process to ensure that the articles we publish meet the highest standards of scholarship.


The Musamus Journal of Physical Education and Sport (MJPES) focuses on Physical and Sport Education, as well as Learning Media related to Physical and Sport Education. The journal aims to provide a platform for scholars and researchers to share their insights, ideas, and findings on these topics. With a commitment to excellence, MJPES publishes high-quality articles that contribute to the advancement of physical education and sports. The scope of the journal encompasses a broad range of themes, including but not limited to, sport pedagogy, exercise science, motor learning, sport psychology, and sport sociology. MJPES is dedicated to promoting and supporting research that has the potential to improve the quality of physical education and sports education globally.

Physical Education
Sports Tourism
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Physical Activity
Sports History
Sports Biomechanics
Sports Pedagogy
Sports Physiology
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Sociology of Sport
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Philosophy of Sport
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