About the Journal

Musamus Agricultural Engineering Featuring Journal or Musamus AE Featuring Journal (MAEF-J) is a scientific publication from Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Musamus University. In collaboration with Perhimpunan Teknik Pertanian Indonesia (PERTETA) or Indonesian Society of Agricultural Engineering (ISAE) chapter Merauke, MAEF-J have been published since 2018. MAEF-J published twice a year in October and April, available in electronic and printed version. MAEF-J has been registered in Crossref, Google Scholar, Garuda, and other scientific databases.

MAEF-J receives manuscripts of research results or scientific review in agricultural engineering related to land and water resources engineering, agricultural machinary, farm structures and environment, alternative energy and electrification, ergonomics and electronics, food and agricultural product processing engineering, and management and information systems.

The articles sent by the author - must be an original script and is not being considered for publication by other journal or publishers - should be written in accordance with the writing guidelines and submitted online via https://ejournal.unmus.ac.id/index.php/ae/index. Editors can revise the paper without changing the substance and content after a blind review process.

For further information and correspondnce, please contact the secretariate of Musamus AE Featuring Journal, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Musamus University, Jl. maef-j@unmus.ac.id