Focus and Scope

The aims of Musamus AE Featuring Journal (MAEF-J) is to provide a venue for academicians, researchers, and practitioners for publishing the original research articles or review articles.

The scope of the articles published in this journal deals with a contemporary issues in agriculture engineering, such as:

  1. Postharvest and food engineering: agricultural and food process engineering, postharvest engineering, physical and engineering properties, modeling and simulation.
  2. Energy and agricultural machinery : bioconversion engineering, renewable energy development, rural electricity and energy sources, life-cycle assessment, energy audit, precision agriculture, sensor and control.
  3. Land and water resources engineering: land management, irrigation engineering and management, soil properties engineering, watershed management, water and soil conservation engineering.
  4. Agricultural structures and environmental engineering: microclimate engineering, environment control design, construction and analysis of agricultural structures.
  5. Biophysics engineering: quality evaluation of food and agricultural products , physical chemistry of agricultural materials, physical properties of the soil-plant-atmosphere system, modelling of the water and energy exchange.
  6. Other agricultural and biosystem topics.